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3 Reasons You Might Not Survive a Medical Emergency at a Hospital

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

crash cartThere is no good place to have a heart attack or to suffer a medical emergency.  However, if it has to happen many of us would prefer to be in a hospital setting because we believe that we will have ready access to the professionals and equipment that can save us.

That might not be so.

In a June 2010 PA Patient Safety Advisory, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority identified three reasons why hospitals may not be able to respond effectively to a patient emergency.  The Patient Safety Advisory was based on reports received by the Patient Safety Authority over a one year period. 

The reasons why some hospitals are not prepared for emergencies include the:

  1. Lack of rapid access to functioning equipment and supplies;
  2. Lack of knowledgeable and trained staff; and
  3. Failure to maintain a state of readiness to respond to a clinical emergency at any time.

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority recommends that a team evaluate the needs of each floor or unit, obtain the necessary equipment and supplies, develop a written plan, plan and train staff, and maintain a state of readiness by conducting mock drills in order to help patients survive medical emergencies.