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What Happens When Gestational Diabetes Goes Undetected?

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Gestational diabetes is a dangerous condition that can present no symptoms.  If left untreated, gestational diabetes can lead to birth defects, large babies who present difficult deliveries, and blood sugar issues for mother and child.  That is why it is important for obstetricians to correctly screen and diagnose gestational diabetes in pregnant women.

Screening for Gestational Diabetes

All pregnant women should be screened for gestational diabetes around 28 weeks of pregnancy, if they have not previously been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  If the initial glucose tolerance test indicates that a woman might be diabetic then a more intensive three hour glucose tolerance test should be administered.  It is important for doctors to accurately read the results of these tests so that they can prescribe the appropriate diet, and medication if necessary, for the mother.

While women who are not already diagnosed as diabetic should be screened in their 28th week of pregnancy, some women with certain risk factors should be screened earlier.  Women who have had gestational diabetes during previous pregnancies, have delivered large babies, have had a previous stillbirth, who are obese, and who have a family history of diabetes may need to be screened earlier.

If your doctor failed to diagnose your gestational diabetes and your child suffered a birth defect or birth injury as a result then you may have the right to collect damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit.  Contact a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer today for more information.