Will The University of Pennsylvania be Held Accountable?

We’ve written before about how the Philadelphia VA Medical Center provided the incorrect dose of radiation to 97 out of 114 veterans being treated in its prostate cancer treatment program.  At that time the VA was the only defendant in actions resulting from these alleged incidents of medical malpractice, although we suggested that The University of Pennsylvania could also be in legal trouble.

Now, it is clear that the VA Medical Center isn’t the only one in legal trouble for the radiation problems.  The University of Pennsylvania which designed, staffed and supervised the radiation program has also been sued.

 A group of five veterans have filed a lawsuit against The University of Pennsylvania for its role in the problem.  The prostate cancer has returned for at least one of the five plaintiffs and it is now incurable.  All of the veterans have suffered radiation damage to their bladder or other organs. 

The veterans are alleging that The University of Pennsylvania is liable for the medical negligence of the doctors that it employs and for the negligent policies, procedures, and oversight that led to these incidents of medical malpractice.