Will the Governors Actions Prevent Future Medical Injuries and Fatalities?

Recently, Governor Corbett fired several state employees and overhauled regulations for two state agencies in response to the allegations against Kermit Gosnell.  Governor Corbett did not hold back in his description of the wrongs the government had committed in this case.  He said, “To call this unacceptable doesn’t say enough.  It’s despicable.”

Accordingly, the Department of State is revising its complaint procedures to require more in depth reports and more thorough investigations and prosecutions. The Department of Health will now conduct mandatory annual inspections of abortion clinics that will be posted on the state website.

Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorney Bernard Smalley recently told the Associated Press that actions taken by Governor Corbett were a step in the right direction, though a step that came too late for his client and many others.  Attorney Smalley was right.  It can’t help the patients and families who have already been hurt, but hopefully it will prevent future tragedies from occurring.