Why Doctors Should Care About Medical Malpractice Cases

Obviously, if a doctor is a defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit then he or she cares very much about the outcome of the case.  However, doctors should be paying attention to the outcome of all medical malpractice cases – and not just so they can practice “defensive medicine” or try to avoid future lawsuits – but because it will make them better doctors.

Some practitioners, such as those at the University of Pennsylvania Health Systems, have found medical malpractice data to be very useful.  UPHS is reportedly using data recently released by  CRICO/RMF (Controlled Risk Insurance Company and the Risk Management Foundation) to compare its levels of negligence to those of other comparable facilities and to create simulations in areas that show a need and could improve patient safety.

The goal of Philadelphia medical malpractice lawsuits is not necessarily to create an unjust windfall for a patient or to punish a doctor.  Instead, it is to provide fair compensation to an injured victim and encourage those responsible for the negligence to change their ways so that future patients are spared the consequences of medical malpractice.