Who is Your Expert Witness?

In order to understand your medical negligence claim, your Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer must understand your injury and what caused it.  In order to prove your medical malpractice claim, your Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer must prove each element of medical malpractice by a preponderance of the evidence.

This takes expert witnesses.  In most cases, your lawyer will rely on doctors to be expert witnesses.  Given your recent experience with medical professionals, you may be hesitant to rely on another doctor.  However, you should be confident that your lawyer has thoroughly vetted any medical professional who will be serving as a consultant to your case or as an expert witness on your behalf.

Trust your lawyer to make the right decision when it comes to expert witnesses and trust that your expert witness wants to hold the members of his or her profession accountable for negligence that results in harm.  If you have any questions about the role of a medical professional in your case, or about that person’s credentials, talk to your lawyer about your concerns.  You’ll likely feel better after you do.