Where Do Most Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Jury Verdicts Occur?

On Monday we discussed how often Pennsylvania juries return verdicts in favor of plaintiffs and the size of those verdicts.

Today, we continue our discussion of 2010 Pennsylvania medical malpractice statistics and review where the verdicts occurred.

Two counties accounted for more than 50% of all Pennsylvania plaintiff medical malpractice jury verdicts in 2010. Lehigh County juries and Philadelphia County juries each returned eight verdicts in favor of plaintiffs for a combined 16 of the 30 verdicts issued that year. The rest of the verdicts were divided as follows:

  • Allegheny County (2 verdicts)
  • Beaver County (1 verdict)
  • Bradford County (1 verdict)
  • Chester County (2 verdicts)
  • Clarion County (1 verdict)
  • Delaware County (1 verdict)
  • Erie County (1 verdict)
  • Franklin/Fulton County (1 verdict)
  • Lackawanna County (2 verdicts)
  • Lancaster County (1 verdict)
  • York County (1 verdict)

As we said on Monday, it is important to remember that many Pennsylvania medical malpractice cases settle prior to trial. If you have any questions about the venue of your potential Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawsuit, please contact us today.