When Surgeries Go Wrong Who Should Pay For Additional Surgeries To Correct The Problem?

Surgery is not easy on a patient.  The pain and recovery depends on the type of surgery and a number of other medical factors.  Since surgery is not easy, and has risks, a patient must provide his or her informed consent before surgery declaring that he or she understands the risks and is willing to take them.

A patient cannot, however, consent to the risks presented by surgery malpractice.  Surgical mistakes happen for a variety of reasons.  Generally, the following complications can occur, for example:

  • Surgery mix ups such as operating on the wrong patient, or the wrong part of the patient;
  • An infection after surgery may develop; or
  • Post surgery complications may occur.

Of course, specific types of surgeries result in specific types of risks.  While every surgery presents risks for medical malpractice, and this list is by no means comprehensive, it is important to be aware of:

  • A perforation during colonoscopy, hysterectomy or other procedure;
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery complications;
  • Spinal surgery complications;
  • Medical malpractice brain injuries;
  • Gastric bypass complications; and
  • Plastic surgery mistakes.

The consequences of surgical errors range from minor pain and discomfort, to additional surgeries, to death.  Sometimes, additional surgeries can correct the problem caused by the surgical medical malpractice.  However, like all surgeries, the additional surgeries are expensive, may be painful and require the patient to lose time from work.

The Injured Patient Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Additional Surgeries

Pennsylvania malpractice law requires the surgeon, hospital or other medical professional or entity who was responsible for your injury to pay for the harm caused.  This includes paying for additional surgeries required to help you recover from the surgery that went wrong.

Of course, most doctors and hospitals are not willing to admit to medical malpractice, much less agree to pay for your additional surgeries, unless you can prove that medical malpractice occurred and you are serious about pursuing your just recovery.  The best way to prove that you are serious about holding the surgeon or hospital liable for surgical mistakes is to hire an experienced Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer.

Anapol Schwartz and Ostroff Injury Law believe that you have suffered enough.  You should not have to bear the expense of additional surgeries that are necessary because of previous surgical malpractice.  You should not have to bear the financial expense in addition to the physical pain and emotional distress the malpractice has already caused you.

Contact an experienced Pennsylvania surgical malpractice attorney and let us help you get the money that you deserve to pay for your additional surgeries.  Please call us at 866-737-4556 or via our online contact form for a free consultation.