What You Need to Know About the Failure to Diagnose Pediatric Cancer

Cancer.  It is a scary diagnosis for anyone and children are not exempt from the horrors of various forms of cancer.  The National Cancer Institute lists cancer as the leading cause of death by disease for children from infancy through age 15.  More than 10,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States.

Despite the somber news, there is some encouraging news for pediatric cancer patients and their families.  The 10 year survival rate for pediatric cancer is about 75% when the cancer is properly diagnosed.

However, when a pediatrician, pediatric oncologist or other physician fails to properly diagnose pediatric cancer it presents a serious risk to the child.  The risk of increasingly harsh and invasive treatments rise as does the risk of death. 

If your child has suffered health problems, or has passed away, due to a doctor’s failure to diagnose pediatric cancer, please contact a Pennsylvania medical malpractice doctor for more information about your legal rights.