What Happens When Breast Cancer is Misdiagnosed?

The failure to diagnose breast cancer can be deadly.  Breast cancer, when detected and treated early, often goes into remission.  Breast cancer, that is not properly diagnosed, is often fatal.

Women under age 40 are among the most frequently misdiagnosed, though they are certainly not the only ones to suffer this fate.  The reasons why women under 40 are less likely to be properly diagnosed with breast cancer are because:

  • Breast cancer is more common in older women, making doctors less likely to suspect breast cancer in a younger woman; and
  • Doctors are more likely to dismiss possible symptoms of breast cancer, such as extreme fatigue or pain in the breast, as related to child bearing rather than cancer.

If you have suffered unnecessary treatments, lost time from work and physical pain, or if you have lost a loved one, because of a Pennsylvania doctor’s failure to diagnose breast cancer then you may be entitled to damages for injuries.  Contact a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer today for more information about your rights.