What Do the United States and Somalia have in Common?

Both countries have a high rate of premature births.

Last week, the March of Dimes released a disturbing new report. According to the March of Dimes, the United States ranks 131st in the world for its rate of preterm births. That means that a baby born in the
United States has about the same chance of being born before 37 weeks as a baby born in countries such as Somalia, Turkey and Thailand.

Approximately 12% of babies born in the United States are born prematurely each year. In Belarus, only 4.1% of babies are born prematurely.

Premature babies have a higher risk of suffering lifelong disabilities or death than babies born full term. Some premature babies may be delivered early because of medical malpractice while the situation may be unavoidable for other babies.

Our Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers hope that the number of babies born prematurely
can be lowered in the United States and that, if you are expecting, you have a healthy delivery.