What Did President Obama Mean?

President Obama took many people by surprise when he delivered his State of the Union speech last week.  While much of this speech had little to do with health care reform, the President did say that he was willing to consider medical malpractice reform as a way to rein in health care costs.

Just two days later, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius attended a Senate hearing on health care reform’s impact on consumers.  Secretary Sebelius was questioned about the President’s comments and asked to submit something in writing that clarified what the White House was willing to consider with regard to medical malpractice reform.

While few answers are evident this week, some pundits are predicting that President Obama would consider things such as special health courts or arbitration systems and not necessarily caps on damages.

This is a story that our Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers will continue to watch, and continue to share with you, throughout 2011.