Urology Associates of Chambersburg Patients Take Notice

Recently, patients of Urology Associates of Chambersburg received a concerning letter in the mail.  The letter informed patients that they should get tested for HIV and hepatitis because the practice had reused instruments for prostate biopsies.  Reusing biopsy needles is dangerous because of the risks of infection and the passing of contagious diseases.  Additionally, needles may become blunt after multiple uses and affect the accuracy of biopsy results.

According to the letter sent to patients, prostate instruments that should have been single use were instead sterilized and reused. 

The matter has been referred to the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine and remains under active investigation.  Urology Associates of Chambersburg may also face civil Pennsylvania medical malpractice actions if any patients have been harmed and decide to sue in civil court.

If you have been a patient at this practice, we encourage you to get the blood tests to determine if you have been harmed and to talk to a doctor about any potential need for retesting.