The Latest News on Doctor Discipline

Recently, the Federation of State Medical Boards released their most recent statistics on doctor discipline by the fstate medical boards.

Latest Doctor Discipline Statistics

In 2011:

  • There was a 6.8% increase in the number of doctors who were disciplined by state medical boards.
  •  6,025 doctors were disciplined by state medical boards in 2011 compared with 5,652 in 2010.
  • 1,905 doctors had their licenses revoked in 2011 compared to 1,815 license revocations in 2010.

Not Everyone is Impressed by the Increase

The Director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group has told the media that, despite the increase, he believes that most state medical boards fail to discipline doctors deserving of discipline and thereby put
patients at risk. Specifically, he is concerned that the majority of disciplinary actions are merely reprimands or warnings and not actual punishments.

What do you think? Do state medical boards do a good job protecting the public from medical malpractice or could more be done to discipline doctors and protect patients?