The Importance of Finding the Right Doctor for Your Teen

It is often in the tween or early teen years that the doctor patient relationship starts to change for a child. It is now that the child, not the parent, communicates directly with the doctor and it is now that the
child begins to be in the exam room alone with the doctor.

However, it is most often still the parent who chooses the doctor and the choice that you make is   important. You may send your child to the pediatrician whom you have been using you may choose a new doctor. Either way, you need to make sure that your child is comfortable and that the doctor is both safe and experienced at working with teens.

The decisions that you make now can greatly affect your child’s future. You don’t want your child to suffer the potentially serious effects of medical malpractice, nor do you want your child to avoid medical care in the future because of a bad experience with his or her doctor.  Thus, it is important to pick the right
doctor for your child and to help protect your child now and in the future.