Some PA Hospitals Score Poorly on Medicare Safety Study

Recently, Medicare released its first official report identifying hospitals with high complication rates. The findings of that report may surprise you.

Many of what are considered to be Pennsylvania’s best hospitals have many more serious complications than the average hospital, according to the report. The specific hospitals identified as having serious medical complications in the report include: Temple University Hospital, Hahnemann University Hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

There are concerns not just about the hospitals identified, but about how Medicare reached its conclusions. Many hospitals and independent health care professionals are questioning whether the Medicare data is reliable and whether it took into account the level of illness of the patients admitted to hospitals. For example, they argue that many of the large teaching hospitals
included in Medicare’s list of hospitals with high complication rates receive the most complicated cases and the most critically ill patients. Thus, they  argue, it makes sense that their complication rates are higher.

What do you think? Are these Medicare ratings useful to you as a patient?