Should Pennsylvania Doctors Apologize Too?

Doctors and hospitals have a long history of trying to avoid liability for their mistakes.  It is customary for health care professionals to avoid admitting fault and fight allegations against them.  However, a recent study suggests that this tactic may not only be frustrating and detrimental to patients but also to the health care professionals.

The study, which is published in the Aug. 17 Annals of Internal Medicine, looks at data from the University of Michigan Health System.  Since 2001, the University of Michigan Health System has enacted a program that has medical providers admit mistakes, explain the mistake, who made it, how it can be treated, and steps that will be taken to prevent it from happening again.  Further, patients and their families are offered a sincere apology and compensation for the harm caused.

While this system has not eliminated medical malpractice lawsuits, it has substantially reduced them since many plaintiffs are able to achieve their goals without filing litigation. 

Few medical professionals in Pennsylvania are currently using this system, however, and medical malpractice victims are often left with no choice but to sue if they’ve been hurt by medical negligence.  If you’ve been the victim of medical negligence in Pennsylvania contact a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer for more information about your rights and potential recovery.