Should Pennsylvania be More Like Texas?

Pennsylvania, like many other states, is regularly looking at tort reform options.  Those who support tort reform argue that it is necessary to cap noneconomic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits in order to keep healthcare costs in check and to encourage doctors to practice medicine in state.

Texas capped noneconomic medical malpractice damages in 2003 and a new study finds that it has not had the intended effect.  The study conducted by Public Citizen found that healthcare costs and insurance premiums have not decreased in Texas. Additionally, the study found that there are not significantly more doctors per capita in Texas as a result of the state’s tort reform.  Physician groups dispute the findings of the study.

As Pennsylvania continues its tort reform discussions it is important to keep in mind the data available from other states, such as Texas, so that informed decisions can be made about laws that affect Pennsylvania medical malpractice victims.