Risks of Labor Induction or C-Sections at 37-39 Weeks

You are done being pregnant. Your doctor has a vacation planned. A holiday is coming up. There is no medical reason why you can’t stay pregnant until your body goes until labor. Neither you nor your child is in danger. However, your doctor is trying to encourage you to have a C-section or to induce labor between 37 – 39 weeks.

 A new report is encouraging you to think twice about that. Studies find that significant harm is possible from these early births including brain damage, developmental delays, disabilities and sleep problems. Organizations studying elective births are finding that many women are not informed of these risks and assert that if women were provided the information necessary to provide informed consent then fewer elective births would occur.

 Accordingly, the Leapfrog Group is urging hospitals that have a higher than 5% elective birth rate performed for no medical reason to be identified to the public.

 Elective deliveries is currently an issue being studied by the Joint Commission and one that our Pennsylvania birth injury lawyers expect to hear more about soon.