Reports on Infections Acquired in Pennsylvania Hospitals

In 2006, Pennsylvania became the first state in the nation to report important data related to hospital infections for each and every general acute care hospital in the state.  The data collected details the number of patients who acquired infections, the mortality rate of those patients, the average number of days they had to stay in the hospital and the financial cost of those stays.

This data is now reported annually and it is important for patient safety in Pennsylvania hospitals.  Infections often occur because hospital personnel fail to adhere to safety and sanitary standards which allows infections to spread between patients.

This reporting program encourages hospitals to be vigilant about cleanliness and protection from infection. They know that the public, and potential patients, can compare the infection rates of different hospitals and hold hospitals accountable for any negligence that results in harm to a patient.

Visit the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council for more information or to view the infection information for your local hospital.