Possible Breakthrough in Heart Attack Diagnosis

Recently, researchers from the Scripps Translational Science Institute published the results of an important study in the Science Translational Journal. According to researchers, they have
developed a blood test that can predict if a heart attack is likely to happen within the next two weeks.

Currently, the failure to diagnose a heart attack, particularly among people who have
atypical heart attack symptoms or are thought to be too young to suffer a heart attack, remains a problem that can cause serious harm or death. The development of a blood test that looks at CECs (circulating endothelial cells) to determine their levels and make ups may prove to be important in the fight against heart attacks.

Heart attacks are the most common cause of death in this country with about 600,000
people dying from heart attacks each year. Our Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers hope that future studies confirm the usefulness of this blood test and that more lives are saved with accurate diagnoses.