Pittsburgh Area Doctor Sentenced for Illegal Prescriptions

Earlier this spring, Dr. Charles McCool of Allegheny County pleaded no contest to the unlawful administration of a controlled substance by a practitioner.  Dr. McCool was accused of prescribing pain medications to patients whom he never met in person but with whom he conferenced over the phone.  Specifically, the government alleged that Dr. McCool prescribed medication to 22 patients in Allegheny, Beaver, Lehigh, Monroe and Northampton Counties after a short phone conversation and without a physical examination.  In some cases, Dr. McCool is accused of not reviewing medical records before prescribing medication and in one case issuing two prescriptions to the same patient –  one in the patient’s name and one in the name of an already deceased person.

Dr. McCool will now pay a fine, perform community service and spend 5 years on probation for this Pennsylvania felony medical malpractice case.