New Rules Coming to PA for the Recovery of Damages After a Civil Suit?

Last week, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to change the way plaintiffs collect damages when there is more than one defendant found liable, as is often the case in medical malpractice cases.

If the bill approved by the House were to pass the Senate and be signed into law – and it should be noted that this is a big IF – then the law would protect wealthy defendants from having to pay more than their share of damages if co-defendants are found more liable but less able to pay.  Some exceptions to this rule would apply.  For example, defendants who are found liable for intentional torts or liable for more than 60% of the damages may not be protected.

What Does This Mean for Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs?

Right now, it means nothing, because it is not yet law.  If it does become law, then it means that a plaintiff’s Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorney would need to help the plaintiff get the legal recovery that he or she deserves.