New Breast Cancer Treatment May Only be Effective at Early Stages

Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers and doctors have long known that the failure to diagnose breast cancer, or a breast cancer misdiagnosis, may allow the disease to progress and may deny a woman of treatment that could save her life.

Chemotherapy and radiation, for example, are often most effective when used on early stage cancers. Now, there is a new type of radiation available for some breast cancer patients that allows patients to get radiation in the operating room before they are closed up from surgery. This direct radiation is thought to be just as effective as traditional radiation, but with fewer side effects. Patients can often return to their normal lives faster with this direct operating room radiation.

Yet, the research also indicates that this radiation has best results when used on small tumors that have not yet reached the lymph nodes. If the breast cancer was misdiagnosed and allowed to progress to a later stage then this exciting new treatment may no longer be an option.

If you have been the victim of a delayed breast cancer diagnosis then it is important to speak with your doctor about all of your possible treatment options.