Never Events Happen About 40 Times Per Week

According to the Joint Commission that provides accreditation to hospitals across the nation wrong site surgeries are “never” events, or mistakes that are so easily preventable that they should never happen.  Yet, it has been approximately 7 years after universal protocols to eliminate wrong site surgeries were introduced and approximately 40 wrong site surgeries a week are still occurring in the United States.

Pennsylvania has averaged about 64 wrong site surgeries per year for the past few years.  The question, again, becomes how do we keep these never events from ever happening?  Many believe that the tools are already in place and that if physicians used time outs consistently and without distractions then wrong site surgeries would be the never events that they are supposed to be.  Additionally, many experts believe that mandatory reporting would decrease the number of wrong site surgeries

What do you think?  Can time outs and mandatory reporting prevent wrong site surgeries?  Please leave us a comment and let us know.