More Than a Quarter Million Serious Events and Incidents Reported by PA Medical Facilities Last Year

Last month, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority (“Authority”) released its 2009 report.  The data collected by the Authority indicated that 226,670 reports of serious events and incidents were reported in 2009.  That is an increase of 6,796 reports over 2008 numbers.  Approximately 4 percent or 9,066 of these reports involved actual harm or death to the patient.

Where Did these “Serious Events and Incidents” Happen?

528 different places reported serious events and incidents during 2009 including hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities, abortion facilities and birthing centers.  Approximately 90% of the serious events and incidents reported occurred in hospitals.  However, there was an increase in the number of serious events and incidents reported from ambulatory care facilities during 2009.

If you have been the victim of a serious medical event or incident that has caused you physical harm, or has caused the death of your loved one, then you might be entitled to a legal recovery.  Contact a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer today for more information about protecting your rights.