Military Medical Malpractice Case Filed Against Government

Late last month, a Texas Airman and his wife filed a lawsuit in federal court that could potentially have an impact here in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Retired Airman Colton Read and his wife Jessica filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the U.S. Government alleging that what happened
during Airman Read’s June 2009 gallbladder surgery, and in the hours following the surgery, amount to negligence that ultimately resulted in Airman Read losing both his legs when he was transferred to a civilian hospital from David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base.

Currently, the United States Government is protected from negligence suits, including medical malpractice lawsuits, filed by military personnel. The case brought by Airman and Mrs. Read challenged that premise, known as the Feres Doctrine.

If the Reads are successful in their military medical malpractice suit against the Government then it could impact many military personnel around the country who have been harmed by medical negligence at government or military facilities. This is a case that we will continue to watch.