Medical Malpractice Case Scheduled to Begin in Bucks County Today

A Bucks County medical malpractice case filed in 2006 is scheduled to begin today, pending any last minute settlement.  Action News reporter and anchor, Lisa Thomas-Laury, is suing Lankenau Hospital and Dr. Clifford Pemberton for failure to diagnose her medical condition.

Ms. Thomas-Laury began seeking medical treatment for health problems in 2001.  However, it was not until a visit to the Mayo Clinic in 2004 that she was properly diagnosed with a nerve disorder known as POEMS Syndrome.  Ms. Thomas-Laury alleges that as a result of the failure to diagnose her condition, she suffered disabling and permanent injuries.

The defendants allege that they did consider POEMS Syndrome but that Ms. Thomas-Laury did not present with all of the symptoms to make a definitive diagnosis.  They further allege that they provided the plaintiff with medical treatment that improved her condition.

Jury selection is scheduled for today.