Lawsuit Filed Against Lancaster General Hospital

Last summer Filippo Raia died when he jumped out of an 8th story window at Lancaster General Hospital after being admitted to the hospital for an “altered mental state.”

According to nursing notes, Mr. Raia was agitated and paranoid throughout his stay at Lancaster General.  In fact he threatened to throw himself out of a window five days before he actually did so.

His family is now suing Lancaster General Hospital claiming that the Hospital was negligent in keeping Mr. Raia safe given his mental status.  Mr. Raia was kept on the general medical / surgical unit while a patient at LGH.  While there was discussion in his medical records of transferring him to the psychiatric unit, he was never sent there.

His family alleges that his death was due to the negligence of Lancaster General Hospital and the two psychiatrists who treated Mr. Raia during his hospitalization and they are seeking damages related to his death.