Is the Anti-Seizure Medication Prescribed by Your Doctor Safe?

Doctors have the responsibility to carefully prescribe medications for patients after weighing the benefits and the risks to each individual patient.    That includes evaluating whether a generic substitution is appropriate for a brand name drug since generic substitutions have different inactive ingredients than the brand name drug for which they are substituted.

Some doctors have recommended that their patients switch from Keppra to Mylan’s generic version of Keppra.  While Keppra and the Mylan generic version of Keppra are both anti-seizure medications, they do not have the same list of ingredients and they affect patients in different ways.  For some patients, the switch to the generic version of the medication has resulted in increased seizures and other harmful side effects.

If you have been hurt by the switch from Keppra to the Mylan generic Keppra, then please contact a generic Keppra attorney for a free legal consultation.