Is That Medical Device Safe for Your Child?

Last week, the FDA released the results of a study that found approximately 70,000 children and teenagers are hurt by medical devices and seek emergency room care each year.  One of the most common reasons for the injuries is misuse by medical professionals.

The study found that while some devices malfunction and cause injuries, other injuries are caused by medical negligence.  For example, a doctor, nurse of medical technician may fail to account for the fact that the device was made for an adult, rather than a child.  Or, a device may be improperly cleaned or left in the child too long and cause an infection.

Approximately 6% of children and teens seeking emergency room care for medical device injuries are hospitalized each year.  If you, or your child, have suffered a significant injury due to the improper use of a medical device then please contact a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer for more information about your rights.