Is Health Care in the United States the Best That it Can Be?

Americans may spend more on healthcare than other countries, but are our outcomes any better?

The answer is no, according to a recent report by the Commonwealth Fund which found that more people die in the United States from preventable causes than anywhere else in the industrialized world.

There are a variety of reasons cited for this stunning statistic. Some have to do with access to primary care doctors and medical screening tests, for example. Other reasons reflect more on the quality of care Americans receive. Specifically, the study found that almost one third of Americans had experienced a medical mistake, medication error or lab error in the past two years. That was the highest of the 8 countries studied for that criterion.

There are many benefits to living in America, and the Commonwealth Fund report does show some improvements in US healthcare since 2006. However is it acceptable for the United States to have worse outcomes than other countries when it comes to deaths from preventable causes? Can healthcare reform solve our problems and protect our lives? Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.