How Safe is Open Heart Surgery in Pennsylvania?

Last week the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council released its annual report about the quality of open heart surgery in the Commonwealth.  The report looks at readmission rates for both hospitals and individual surgeons.  Readmission is defined as being admitted to a hospital within 30 days of open heart surgery for a heart related condition, an infection or a complication.

In 2008, 2,208 patients were readmitted after open heart surgery.  That accounts for more than 16% of open heart surgeries conducted in Pennsylvania that year.

The report also looked at death rates after open heart surgeries and Pennsylvania hospitals had mixed results.  For example, in the Harrisburg area Holy Spirit and Penn State Milton S. Hershey Hospitals had death rates in the expected range while  PinnacleHealth System and Good Samaritan Hospital had higher than expected death rates.

You can find out how a specific hospital or individual surgeon fared in the report by visiting the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council website.

If you’ve been hurt by a hospital or doctor’s negligence related to your open heart surgery, please contact a Pennsylvania heart surgery malpractice lawyer for a free consultation.