How Important is Attitude?

The medical and online communities have been buzzing about an April 12 New York Times Op-Ed by Maureen Dowd.  Ms. Dowd’s piece, which can be found here, described her brother’s tragic death from a hospital acquired infection.

The piece, and the many blogs and stories that have discussed the piece, raise the concern over how hospital infections happen.   They also raise another important, yet not as frequently discussed, concern and that is the attitude of medical professionals.

Some doctors, nurses, and hospitals see infections as inevitable and not as something that they can control. This attitude may be part of the reason that there are high rates of hospital acquired infections in this country. Maybe if more medical professionals saw preventing infections as their personal responsibility – and were held accountable when they failed to take reasonable steps to prevent such infections – we would see the infection rate decrease.

You can be an important part of changing the prevailing attitude. If you, or a loved one, have been hurt by a hospital acquired infection in Pennsylvania, please talk to a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer about your rights and about how to hold the professional accountable.