Hospital Patient Safety Checklist

Whether you are going to the hospital for a planned surgery or a loved one has been suddenly hospitalized in an emergency, it is important to know what to do so that you can protect the patient. Hospitals are not
always the safe haven that we imagine them to be and it is important to be alert and to take the steps necessary to protect yourself or your loved one.

Specifically, you can, make sure that:

  •         The patient has an advocate.
  •        Everyone is aware of what medications the patientis on and when each drug was last taken.
  •        Everyone who comes into contact with the patient knows why the patient is there and what treatment is expected.
  •         Everyone who comes into contact with the patient washes his or her hands first and wears gloves, if appropriate.
  •         Anyone administering medication, doing anexamination, performing a test, or otherwise providing treatment confirms the patient’s identity first.

We hope these five tips help provide you, or your loved one, avoid a medical mistake in a Pennsylvania hospital.