Failure to Diagnose Strep Throat

Strep throat is a common illness in the United States, particularly in school age children.  Strep can be diagnosed with a throat culture that tests for the bacteria that causes the illness.  Most medical professionals agree that antibiotics are necessary to protect the patient from potentially serious side effects.

If Strep Throat is So Easy to Diagnose, Why Does it Go Untreated?

Strep throat may go undiagnosed because a physician may fail to order a throat culture or fail to inform the patient of a positive culture and the need to start antibiotics.  A doctor may wrongly assume that a sore throat is caused by something other than strep.

Why is Important to Treat Strep?

Left untreated, strep can lead to serious complications such as scarlet fever, inflammation of the kidney, and rheumatic fever.  It can be life threatening.

If a Pennsylvania doctor or hospital has failed to diagnose strep throat and you have suffered physical consequences as a result then you may be entitled to damages for your injuries.