Could Surgical Safety Tips be Transferred to Other Areas of Medicine?

We’ve talked extensively on this blog about surgical safety and specifically about the use of surgical checklists to prevent errors such as wrong patient surgery, wrong procedure surgery and wrong site surgery.

Now, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority (PPSA) is suggesting that the surgical checklist provisions may be used in other areas of care, such as radiology.  In 2009, the PPSA received 652 reports of something going wrong in the radiology procedures that exposed a patient to harm.  Of those events, 50% occurred because the wrong procedure or test was conducted, 30% happened because the wrong patient was brought in for the test or procedure, 15% were because the test or procedure was done on the wrong side of the patient and the remaining 5% were done on the wrong part of the patient.

Do you think the surgical checklist is transferable to other disciplines?  Will it help decrease medical mistakes in radiology and perhaps other areas of medicine?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.