Could Recent Deaths at Carlisle Regional Medical Center Have Been Prevented?

Last week, the Pennsylvania Department of Health released a report that found that understaffing at Carlisle Regional Medical Center may have led to two patient deaths in June.  The Department of Health’s report was the result of a complaint investigation conducted between June 9 and June 22, 2011.  In that report the Department of Health concluded that Carlisle Regional Medical Center was not in compliance with the rules and regulations for hospitals in the Commonwealth.  Specifically, the Department of Health is concerned about the number of unfilled shifts, low staffing levels and excessively long waits in the emergency room. 

According to the report, one patient died after the patient stopped breathing during a scan where a nurse was not present and another patient died after a cardiologist recommended that the patient be transferred to another hospital for valve replacement surgery and the transfer never occurred.  Neither death was reported to the Department of Health.

Carlisle Regional Medical Center now must submit a corrective action plan to the Department of Health to address the findings in this report.