Could a Birth Injury Cause Autism?

A recent study published in the Journal Pediatrics found that oxygen deprivation during pregnancy, during labor or during birth could be a potential cause of Autism.  The study which examined 40 previous studies found that a birth injury alone could increase the risk of Autism fivefold.  The study also found that neonatal anemia, meconium aspiration, umbilical cord complications and other issues which may sometimes be identified and treated with proper medical care may significantly increase a child’s chances of being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

While researchers believe that oxygen deprivation during birth or prior to birth may be a potential cause of Autism, they caution parents and caregivers to remember that further research is necessary and this is potentially only one cause of this complex syndrome.

Do you have a child with Autism?  Did your child suffer a birth injury?  Please leave a comment and let others know what happened.