Click Here for a Diagnosis

These days we are all used to getting our questions answered immediately. We no longer wait for the evening news or morning paper to find out what’s happening in the world.  We just check our smartphones.  We no longer go the library to research our nation’s history.  We just enter our search terms in Google.

Can it be that we no longer want to wait for a doctor’s appointment for a diagnosis of our medical problems?  More importantly, is it safe to have our medical issues diagnosed over the internet?

Probably not.  While various companies and independent physicians claim to be able to treat common conditions such as the flu and allergies over the phone or computer, what happens if they are wrong?  What happens if their diagnosis is incorrect and the reason that you are tired and achy is more serious than the flu?  The results could be catastrophic and fatal.

Are all internet diagnoses medical malpractice?  No, probably not.  However, we believe that there is a higher risk of medical malpractice being committed when you don’t see the doctor face to face, when the doctor can’t touch you, when the doctor can’t asses how truly ill you are.  Therefore, we encourage you to go seek the advice of a qualified medical professional in person if you are ill.