Chester County Doctor Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault of Female Patients

Earlier this month, Dr. Peter Fabulian, a Chester County, Pennsylvania doctor was arrested on two counts of indecent sexual assault of female patients.  The 62 year old doctor who is currently free on bail and seeing patients, is alleged to have:

  • Hugged and kissed a patient that he was treating for Lyme Disease earlier this year; and
  • Kissed a patient ten times, looked down her shirt and put her hand to his groin area back in 2008.

Some of Dr. Fabulian’s other female patients have come to his defense and claimed that Dr. Fabulian is not capable of sexual assault.  A preliminary hearing on the issue is upcoming.

Civil medical malpractice cases may also be forthcoming if the patients suffered medical harm due to the unreasonable actions of their doctor.  If you’ve been hurt by a Pennsylvania doctor or hospital contact an empathetic and experienced Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorney to discuss your case.