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Study Finds Delay in Specialist Referrals for Some Cancer Patients

Monday, March 5th, 2012

A recent study looked at how many times patients went totheir general practitioner doctors with cancer symptoms before being referred to a hospital or specialist in the United Kingdom. The study found that 77% of people who presented to their regular doctors with symptoms of cancer were referred to hospitals after one or two visits.

However, the results were not so consistent when it came to specialist referrals. The study found that patients who were female, young, or older and an ethnic minority were less likely to be promptly referred to a specialist. Additionally, patients who had rarer forms of cancer generally had a longer wait before being referred to a specialist.

Prompt cancer treatment can often mean the difference between life and death. Patients in the United States, like patients in the United Kingdom, are urged to be aware of the study and to request prompt referrals to specialists if they believe that their condition has been misdiagnosed.

Anticipating Common Defenses to Cancer Misdiagnoses

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

You’ve suffered physical harm, or lost a loved one, due to a doctor’s negligence. While a reasonable doctor would’ve found and correctly diagnosed the cancer, the doctor you or your loved one saw failed to do that and the cancer progressed.

Now you, with the help of your Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer, have filed a failure to diagnose lawsuit and the doctor is defending himself. The doctor may argue, for example, that it wasn’t his fault – someone else should have caught the mistake. Alternatively, you may have a doctor who argues that the failure to diagnose was because of the cancer itself and not because of his own negligence.

As the doctor argues that he did not breach his duty of care and acted as a reasonable doctor would’ve acted, you may become concerned and frustrated. However, you are not alone. Your Pennsylvania failure to diagnose attorney expects these defenses, is prepared for the defenses and will work hard to get you the fair and equitable discovery that you deserve.

New Breast Cancer Treatment May Only be Effective at Early Stages

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers and doctors have long known that the failure to diagnose breast cancer, or a breast cancer misdiagnosis, may allow the disease to progress and may deny a woman of treatment that could save her life.

Chemotherapy and radiation, for example, are often most effective when used on early stage cancers. Now, there is a new type of radiation available for some breast cancer patients that allows patients to get radiation in the operating room before they are closed up from surgery. This direct radiation is thought to be just as effective as traditional radiation, but with fewer side effects. Patients can often return to their normal lives faster with this direct operating room radiation.

Yet, the research also indicates that this radiation has best results when used on small tumors that have not yet reached the lymph nodes. If the breast cancer was misdiagnosed and allowed to progress to a later stage then this exciting new treatment may no longer be an option.

If you have been the victim of a delayed breast cancer diagnosis then it is important to speak with your doctor about all of your possible treatment options.

Do Not Settle for a Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Lung cancer is more prevalent than breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer combined.  And it is deadly if it is not treated early.

Unfortunately, the early stages of lung cancer are often asymptomatic and when symptoms do start they often mimic other, less serious, conditions.  For example, a person with lung cancer can be misdiagnosed as having bronchitis because of a cough and a feeling of fatigue.

If your lung cancer is misdiagnosed or there is a delay in diagnosing your lung cancer then your chances of survival may diminish and you may suffer from more invasive and intense treatments then you otherwise would have required.  For that reason, it is important to insist upon medical tests if you think you might have lung cancer and to protect your rights if your cancer has been misdiagnosed.

Another Important Erie County Medical Malpractice Verdict

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Earlier this week, we told you about a record breaking $21.6 million jury verdict in an Erie County birth injury case.  It was not the only significant Erie County medical malpractice decision last week.

The day after the $21.6 million verdict, another Erie jury returned a verdict of $1.8 million.  This verdict was issued to the estate of a 66 year old woman who died of lung cancer after the failure to diagnose and treat her disease.   According to the plaintiff’s lawyers, the woman’s lung cancer was not properly diagnosed for three years during which time it went from “operable and curable to inoperable and incurable.”

The $1.8 million jury verdict will be reduced by 40% since 40% of the negligence was attributable to a doctor who had already settled his part of the case with the plaintiffs.