Can I File a Medical Malpractice Claim if No Criminal Charges Were Filed Against My Doctor?

Civil medical malpractice claims are different than criminal charges and may be filed even if a doctor has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing.  Civil and criminal lawsuits serve different purposes and have different potential outcomes.  A criminal lawsuit is brought by the government to protect the public.  While the defendant doctor may be punished in a criminal lawsuit, the purpose of the lawsuit is not to reimburse the victim for the defendant’s wrongdoing.  In a civil medical malpractice case, however, the injured victim, or his or her survivor, is the plaintiff and is entitled to damages if medical negligence is established.

Thus, whether or not your doctor faces criminal charges, you should contact a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer to discuss whether you might have a civil lawsuit and to talk about your potential damages if you have been injured by a negligent medical professional.