Can Better Health Care be Legislated?

Health care reform, as passed earlier this year, changes many things about health care in the United States.  It allows some people, particularly those with preexisting conditions, better access to health care insurance, and, thus, presumably health care.  It requires everyone to be insured or to pay a penalty and it allows individuals and small businesses better access to affordable health insurance.

While all of these things may lead more Americans to have health insurance and seek medical care, this legislation alone will not result in better medical outcomes for all patients.

The most important part of good medical outcomes, or better health care, comes from the individual doctors, nurses, hospitals and other entities providing the care.  If a doctor fails to diagnose a heart attack in a timely way or a hospital makes a surgical error, there is no amount of health care reform that will make the outcome better for that individual patient.

Thus, while the new health care legislation allows more people to access the system, we must remain vigilant about the quality of care that they are accessing and ensure that doctors, nurses, hospitals and others who commit medical malpractice and endanger the lives of others are held accountable.

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