Can a Pharmacist Sell Drugs Over the Internet without a Prescription?

Federal authorities have charged a Bucks County pharmacist with several charges that could also lead to civil medical malpractice charges.  The pharmacist, Charlotte Lopacki, ran the internet pharmacy Budget Drug Rx.  In 2004 and 2005, Budget Drug Rx provided prescription drugs to customers who did not have a doctor’s prescription. In many cases, the customers had never even seen a doctor.

According to federal agents, the pharmacist shipped as many as 3,000 medications a day, six days a week to customers in 33 states.  So far, Lopacki has just been charged with three illegal sales of drugs.  If convicted, she could face several years in prison and several hundred thousand dollars in fines.

If you, or a loved one, were physically hurt by the drugs provided by this pharmacist then you may have a Bucks County medical malpractice case.  Contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer today for more information.