Are Legal Changes Ahead for Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Victims?

Several bills are currently before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that would reform medical malpractice litigation in this state.  

One of the bills, House Bill 1444, would allow plaintiff’s trial lawyers to quantify pain and suffering.  Currently, it is up to a jury to determine adequate compensation for pain and suffering.  This new bill, if made into law, would instead allow a victim’s attorney to quantify the amount that should be provided for pain and suffering.

Not surprisingly, the Pennsylvania Medical Society is opposing this bill.  On its website, the Pennsylvania Medical Society claims that quantifying noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering would confuse juries and lead to larger damage awards for plaintiffs.

However, this bill, introduced by Representative Matthew Bradford, is not designed to confuse juries but rather to ensure that Pennsylvania medical malpractice victims recover fair and just compensation for their injuries.