Anticipating Common Defenses to Cancer Misdiagnoses

You’ve suffered physical harm, or lost a loved one, due to a doctor’s negligence. While a reasonable doctor would’ve found and correctly diagnosed the cancer, the doctor you or your loved one saw failed to do that and the cancer progressed.

Now you, with the help of your Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer, have filed a failure to diagnose lawsuit and the doctor is defending himself. The doctor may argue, for example, that it wasn’t his fault – someone else should have caught the mistake. Alternatively, you may have a doctor who argues that the failure to diagnose was because of the cancer itself and not because of his own negligence.

As the doctor argues that he did not breach his duty of care and acted as a reasonable doctor would’ve acted, you may become concerned and frustrated. However, you are not alone. Your Pennsylvania failure to diagnose attorney expects these defenses, is prepared for the defenses and will work hard to get you the fair and equitable discovery that you deserve.