Another Important Erie County Medical Malpractice Verdict

Earlier this week, we told you about a record breaking $21.6 million jury verdict in an Erie County birth injury case.  It was not the only significant Erie County medical malpractice decision last week.

The day after the $21.6 million verdict, another Erie jury returned a verdict of $1.8 million.  This verdict was issued to the estate of a 66 year old woman who died of lung cancer after the failure to diagnose and treat her disease.   According to the plaintiff’s lawyers, the woman’s lung cancer was not properly diagnosed for three years during which time it went from “operable and curable to inoperable and incurable.”

The $1.8 million jury verdict will be reduced by 40% since 40% of the negligence was attributable to a doctor who had already settled his part of the case with the plaintiffs.