A Report on Pennsylvania Hospital Acquired Infections for 2010

Pennsylvania had set a goal to reduce hospital acquired infections by 10% in 2010.  While hospital acquired infections decreased in the Commonwealth during 2009, they did not quite reach the 10% mark. Instead, hospital acquired infections decreased by 6% last year. 

Not all Infections are the Same

Some types of infections decreased by substantially more than 10% last year.  From 2008 – 2010, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority reports catheter associated urinary tract infections dropping 26%, central line infections dropping 44% and ventilator associated pneumonia dropping almost 11%.

Some Infections Remain Common

The most common type of hospital acquired infections reported in Pennsylvania during 2010 include: surgical site infections which accounted for 26% of all infections,  UTIs which accounted for 23% of all infections, and BSIs and pneumonia which each accounted for about 11% of hospital acquired infections.

We will continue to monitor hospital acquired infection trends in 2011 to determine if Pennsylvania hospitals continue to make progress in this regard.