$78.5 Million Award in Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Case

Earlier this month a Philadelphia jury awarded $78.5 million to a mother whose now three year old child was allegedly born with cerebral palsy because of a medical error at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center.

The plaintiff claimed that she went to the hospital in August 2008 with signs of pregnancy implications. A doctor allegedly performed an ultrasound and claimed that the baby had died. A second ultrasound was completed a little while later and a heartbeat was detected. The mother was then taken in for an emergency ultrasound and the child was born more than an hour after the first ultrasound. Experts for the plaintiff convinced a jury that the child might not have suffered from cerebral palsy had the C-section been done earlier. The jury also found that if appropriate ultrasound equipment and a trained ultrasound technician had been provided to this mother that the delay would have been avoided.

The multimillion dollar verdict includes compensation for future medical care, lost earnings, the child’s pain and suffering and the mother’s emotional distress. We extend our best wishes to the mother and child for the future.